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Ann Arbor Tonight is Ann Arbor, Michigan 's first late night live audience, televised variety show. Written by writers from The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and Seinfeld, Ann Arbor Tonight features a celebrity guest interview, world class comedians, a live band or musical performer and starts with jokes and a monolog by local talk show Host Zach Damon.

Founded in 2012 by the actor and broadcaster, Zach Damon Productions LLC is a media company based in Ann Arbor, MI. We produce a variety of educational, informative, and entertaining content that's distributed on local television channels and radio stations and on the web. Our main production, "Ann Arbor Tonight," is a local late-night entertainment television show.

"Ann Arbor Tonight" is currently in its sixth season.

Take a look at our awards and recognitions

Our local news and entertainment show has been recognized at the Philo Media Awards on several occasions. In 2020, "Ann Arbor Tonight" won the awards for Best Interview / Talk Show and Arts / Cultural Awareness. In 2021, we received the Philo Media Award for:

  • Arts / Cultural Awareness
  • Empowerment / Inspiration
  • Underserved Voices
  • Best in Entertainment

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Where to watch "Ann Arbor Tonight"

You can check out our late-night show on:

Local channels in Southeastern Michigan

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